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Student Resources

Capoeira is a deeply complex art form that takes a lifetime to master. Each student will form their own relationship with the art and be drawn to certain elements more than others. Those who decide to become more serious in their study of and dedication to Capoeira, will find that the consistent attendance of class is only the foundation for what can be built on this journey. Individual practice, study, and exploration are crucial for continued development in the art, especially for intermediate and advanced students. Here you will find a few basic resources that may offer a solid starting point for your own studies.


Graduation System

There is a great deal of variation in approaches to Capoeira from school to school. In Grupo Senzala, we use a colored rope/belt (corda) system to designate experience levels, much like many of the Asian martial arts

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Kids Festival

Teachers Roda

Students Roda

Mestre Ramos & Mestre Zumbi

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